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Blue Edition Series
Blue Edition Series
Blue Edition Hydra Ceramic Wax

Hydra SiO₂ Crystal Ceramic Wax 

It's Have Reach and Rosh Certificate.

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Hydra Ceramic Wax is a product that everyone can easily apply the ceramic coating technology.
It gives hydrophobic, protective and glossy future.
Hydra Ceramic Wax has made SiO₂ technology more accessible and available.
pH neutral product does not harm the environment and the practitioner. It's anti-static.
It forms an invisible layer on the surface where applied.

Item Code Size Dimension Of Package Pcs/Case Lb Per Palet Barcode
DVX2010 16 OZ 270*210*290 cm3 12 pcs 1368 pcs 8680722064812


Product should be shaken well before use.
The vehicle is in the shadow and the surface should not be hot.
Wash your vehicle with Divortex Car Shampoos in accordance with the instructions for use.
Apply by spraying to clean ground before drying.
Direct rinsing with pressurized water as well as Divortex Drying cloth can be applied to the area by using the product.
The product provides an extra gloss after application as it adds to the hydrophobic property.

Keep container closed.

Keep away from childeren.

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