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Blue Edition Series
Blue Edition Series
Blue Edition Iron Burner

Scentless Product.

Its Have Reach and Rosh Certificate.

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Red Thunder, dust remover will completely remove iron particles and fallout from automotive paint and wheels.
It's odorless formulation.
It's pure product, You can add more water depend on your need.
It's pH Balanced and safely cleans and removes rust stains on wheels and decontaminated fallout from paint.
This is the fastest, easiest way to clean almost any wheel and car body paint.
It does not contain heavy chemicals
Red Thunder is VOC, Green and Biodegradable product.

Item Code Size  Dimension Of Package Pcs/Case Lb Per Palet Barcode
DVX2205 16 OZ 270*210*290 cm3 12 pcs 1368 pcs 8680722064959


It is a simple spray formula that instantly turns purple when it comes in contact with iron partials.
If necessary apply second times.
Don't use under sunlight.

Keep Container closed.

Keep away from childeren.

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