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Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Divortex Quick Wax

Divortex  Quick Wax 

"Mirror Effect, Very Strong Hydrofobic Effect"


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Quick wax is used for all painted surfaces, including metallic surfaces and polished surfaces.
A unique formula with water-activated waxes and polymers creates long lasting effect.
It does not cause dust because of its anti-static property.
The application performs is very well.

Item Code Size Dimention Of Package Pcs/Case Lb per Palet Barcode
DVX2011 16 OZ 270*210*290 cm3 12 pcs 1368 pcs
DVX2000 500 ML 410*295*265 cm3 21 pcs 1050 pcs
DVX2003 5 KG 410*295*265 cm3 4 pcs 200 pcs
DVX2005 25 KG - - 32 pcs


It is a concentrated product. 
It is preferably used by diluting from 1/2 to 1/15.
Rinse your vehicle and leave the vehicle wet before using the quick wax.
Shake the bottle and spray it on a piece of the car every time.
Only a few sprays per panel are sufficient.
After spraying on all surfaces is complete, the vehicle is rinsed with pressurized water.
Finally, the car is dried with the help of a cloth.

Keep container closed.

Keep away from childeren.

After opening,2 years.

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