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Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Divortex Smart Waterless Wash & Wax

From Turkey's Expert Manufacturer!

Eco-Friendly Product.

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It washes easily and gently with its non-scratch formula during cleaning and the vehicle is waxed in one step without rinsing.
It can be used almost anywhere in your vehicle.
No need to rinse with bucket or water.
Advanced formulation provides long lasting shine, synthetic wax protection.
Besides bright painted surfaces, it is safe and effective in glass, chrome, polished metals and plastic coatings.
Ideal for car owners in areas where water washing is problematic or where there are restrictions on water access in any area.
It is also fast, easy and cost-effective, making it the perfect solution for both new or used car dealers, both cleaning and "Show Room Brightness".
It safely cleans and polishes 3-4 cars without water in a short time.
It is a user and nature friendly product.
It provides high water saving.

Recommended usage is use it with two soft towels.Spray to product to dirty surface.
Don't need use much product.
Wipe of the dirt from surface with first towel and use towel just one direction.
Do not wipe of car body paint a back and forth motion.
After you've cleaned of the dirt, but of the surface in order to gain high gloss, using of the second soft and clean towel.
Be sure each towels are clean for each spraying.

Keep container closed.
Keep away from childeren.

2 Years After Opening The Cover.

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