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Blue Edition Series
Blue Edition Series
DVX Blue Edition Hydra Ceramic Wax

Hydra SiO₂ Crystal Ceramic Wax 

It's Have Reach and Rosh Certificate.

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Blue Edition Hydra Ceramic Wax

  • Ceramic fast polish; Excellent SiO2 (Liquid Glass) resistant ceramic spray polish.
  • Hydra Ceramic Wax is a product that allows anyone to easily apply the ceramic coating technology.
  • Highly hydrophobic, great polishing and protection.
  • Hydra Ceramic Wax SiO₂ technology has made it more accessible and usable.
  • Creates an invisible film layer on the applied surface.
  • As a pH neutral product, it does not harm the environment or the applicator.
  • Anti-static.
Item Code Size Dimension Of Package Pcs/Case Lb Per Palet Barcode
DVX2010 16 oz 270*210*290 cm3 12 pcs 1368 pcs 8680722064812



  • The product should be shaken well before use.
  • The vehicle must be in the shade and the surface must not be hot.
  • Wash your car with Divortex Car Shampoo in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Apply by spraying on clean floor before drying.
  • It can be directly rinsed with pressurized water, or it can be applied to the area with a Divortex Drying cloth.
  • The product not only adds hydrophobic properties after application, but also provides extra shine.


•         Keep the mouth of the packaging closed.

•         Keep away from children.

•         Do not use for cleaning hands, body, face, and food.

•         In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.

•         Store in a cool, dry place.

•         Do not throw empty packages into fire.

•         Use it outdoors.

Shelf Life

2 Years from Production Date.

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