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Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) “Deri OSB Mah. Fikse Cad. Istanbul Deri OSB No.20/A Tuz Istanbul” The principles that will take place at Set Kimya İnşaat Taahhüt Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“Divortex” or “Company”) are as follows:

1. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

You have your identity and communication control; “Contact Form” on the website (

Our service is filled to be printed. Your contact form is processed with the procedures to be done to assist you in obtaining information and collecting customers in advance.

Again, you can choose from a product other than the ones listed above as a product, and our diversity can be improved, and your basic rights and gifts for service for analysis and service can be processed personally.

2.Places and Purpose of Transfer of Processed Personal Data

The purpose of the reports regarding the processing of personal data is in parallel. Companies can be processed by public authorities related to business creation institutions and organizations, business partners related to products purchased for purchase by the cloud cloud, as it can be sent with the personal data they collect.

3. Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Reason

A form that can be filled for personal purposes is collected for people who are being used in education within the scope of a form used to benefit from the internet environment. This type of data is processed by persons given to 6698 persons.

Doing business with essential content geared towards your personal needs and tastes, the data must be for the Company's legitimate interests.

4. How to Apply to the Data Controller and Your Rights

For the 11th content of the Law, personal scope; a) learning whether it has been processed, b) requesting information if trained, c) learning the purpose of the processing and whether it has not been used in accordance with its purpose, d) learning about parties that are not known abroad, e) requesting to be understood if it is missing / wrong in the country, f) within the law. want to remove / destroy the usage preference, g) transfer 3. (f) from above (counted) view (ask to be shown automatically, h) from an image to be displayed in relation to its automatic display. , and being good at playing)

For your information and application requests, you can fill out the Application Form on the internet pages and send them to “Deri OSB Mah. Fikse Cad. You can contact and direct us about Istanbul Deri OSB No.20 Tuzla Istanbul.

Depending on the scope of the request, your requests are finalized as soon as possible and within the day at the latest, with the first request free of charge. However, a fee is charged from the people who make a request in this regard. accept and process the request or reject it in writing by explaining its request.

Acceptance of application to be sent on request, an application cannot be filed in a request that is not answered. The case discusses the invitation and we have the right to submit to the Personal Data Board ("Board") within the day from the date of its application. However, it cannot be applied because the application route is not exhausted.

Upon approval, the Board will examine the places to be assigned, ex officio, to be used in the application. Upon the complaint, the Board examines the request and gives an answer to the relevant parties. If no decision has been made within sixty days from the complaint sects, it has been accepted. In a way that will be made, accepted or redesigned in the complaint, the board notifies the decision makers who are responsible for the control of the contradictions to be created. This decision will be changed without delay and within the next day at the latest after notification. In case of compensation, the Board may decide on the possibility of loss of power and illegality, and the possibility of the data or data being related to the dormitory.

It states that our data is protected with precision; Thank you for trusting us.

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