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As Divortex Car Care Products Manufacturer,

In line with the mission and vision of our organization, which adopts quality as a principle, we are committed to meeting all customer expectations with development, production and after-sales services by using up-to-date and developing technologies, R&D of high quality, applicable, reliable products to meet customer expectations.


  •  Documenting, and continuously improving our Integrated Management System in a way that fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, REACH and ROHS standards,
  • Achieving company and unit targets in a team spirit, based on the Total Quality philosophy.
  • To be in constant communication with our solution partners and all our customers,
  • Determining preventive approaches that will improve our performance by constantly reviewing our business processes,
  • To do it right the first time, to standardize what was done and to confirm that the work is done in accordance with the standards,
  • Increasing the efficiency in all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach, fulfilling the applicable conditions,
  • To protect the environment and prevent pollution, to fulfill environmental compliance obligations, to continuously improve environmental performance,
  • Elimination of hazards and reduction of OHS risks, consultation and participation of employees, fulfillment of legal conditions, safe and healthy working conditions,
  • Development of new products by encouraging innovative and creative approaches,
  • To ensure all the rights of our employees, to create a reliable, healthy and fair working environment without discrimination of any religion, language, race, gender, etc.,
  • To act together to create common policies in the field of social responsibility, including our stakeholders, and to achieve our goals,
  • Compliance with the legal regulations of our young and adult employees, without employing child labor in our organization,

To manage our activities together with Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Compliance Management Systems, we work with all our strength and create value to be an exemplary organization in terms of quality in the vehicle care products sector.




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