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Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Car Washing Soaps And Wax
DVX Car Wash V4 - Brushless Car Wash Foamy



Brushless Car Washing Fluid

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  • It is an alkali-based cleaning product that is effective on the exterior of all vehicles and can foam without the need for a brush or sponge.
  • Can be used easily in automatic car wash tunnels and machines.
  • Shows high performance in practice.
  • It is a concentrated product.
  • Used by filling 1 liter into a 60-liter tube and 1.5 lt in a 90 liter tube.
  • It is recommended to use tap water.
  • It is recommended not to apply in direct sunlight or windy weather so that the foam does not dry out.

After applying to the surface, wait for a minute then rinse with pressurized water.

o         Do not apply under the sun.

o         Keep away from children.

o         Do not use for cleaning hands, body, face, or food.

o         Use in places with adequate ventilation, do not inhale for a long time.

o         Avoid contact with eyes and skin, in case of contact, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

o         Consult a doctor in case of any irritation or nausea.

o         Use in accordance with the usage instructions.

o         Store in its original packaging, protected from heat and sun, in a cool and dry place with its lid closed.

3 Year

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