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Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Brands

Unlike polishes containing silicone and wax, car ceramic coating products provides higher shine and protection. Ceramic coating is produced with Nano technology. Ceramic clay, diamond, silicon oxide, glass, quartz, silver and feldspar molecules are obtained in the form of covalent bonds with their joint attraction force. Compared to ceramic coating products, other polish products contain a high amount of glass and have low durability rates. Ceramic coating brands are the only choice of drivers with their durability times longer than many of their competitors and with a small amount of glass content. ceramic pro 9h

Paint protection and ceramic coating are two processes that complement each other. These two processes are done to polish, clean and protect the car body paint. Paint protection prepares the body paints of vehicles for ceramic coating and prevents the formation of images such as scratches. If the ceramic application process is carried out without removing the rough surfaces, the desired protection may not be provided. Ceramic coating brand materials provide durability by providing appropriate protection for your vehicle.

Before applying ceramic coating, you need to perform the following:

1. First you need to wash your car.

2. Clay should be cleaned by removing the roughness and dust on the body paint of your car. In this way, you will make your vehicle smooth before the process.

3. With the thin paste process, you will perform your detailed body paint cleaning.

4. If you do the polish indoors, you will get the most efficient and effective result.


With these processes, we can perform the most effective ceramic coating process. It is very important to do the ceramic coating process in a bright environment. You should apply it area by area and not with circular movements, but with vertical movements. Your ceramic coating will dry in 20-30 minutes and your vehicle will be ready for use.

What Are the Best Ceramic Coating Brands?

Ceramic Tile Brands, which are shown among the best ceramic tile brands, will increase the durability of your ceramic tile, thanks to the less glass it contains. Ceramic Coating brand products are among the most preferred brands and products by drivers. With Divorex ceramic coating products, it performs the operation of your vehicle in a healthy way and enhances its use safely and for a long time. Divortexs car ceramic coating products are the safest choice for your vehicle.

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