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Cutting&Polishing Pad and  Lambswool Polishing &Washing Gloves
Cutting&Polishing Pad and Lambswool Polishing &Washing Gloves

Using Car Buffing Pads

Car Buffing Pads are round discs made of real wool and special sponges, used to get the required efficiency in paste products used to remove scratches, streaks and oxidations on the car body paint, whether the body paint of the vehicle is metallic or ceramic painted.

What is Car Buffing Pad?

Polishing is done to get rid of the imperfect marks on the car body paint. The polishing process is highly preferred in vehicle maintenance. It receives support from polishing products in order to apply the paste process. Polishings are often preferred because they are easy to clean and make it easier to spread the polishing polish evenly. These are the best polishing pads for cars

Where is Polishing Applied on?

The polishing process, which can be applied on different materials such as furniture, metals, body paint of cars and fine jewellery, is actually a body paint surface polishing process. Polishing agents vary according to the area to be polished.

What is Polishing Application, How is it Made?

It is the name given to the process that makes the car polishing process brighter by removing the scratches. Vehicles with paste and polishing processes are more preferred in the second-hand car market and this provides an advantage to the users. Although, the polishing process has different meanings, they complement each other. With the paste process, the scratches on the car are brought to the same level. Afterwards, the vehicles gain a bright form by polishing. After the polish dries, it is wiped with car polish pads and the process is completed.

What are Buffing Materials?

Buffing materials are in the form of polishing wax, cutting compounds, polish pads. These products are used in the buffing process. Divortex Crater Pad;

It has a crater base and is real wool fleece pad.

Thanks to its special cut, it prevents up to 20% overheating that may occur on the body paint and provides controlled heating. Best polishing pads for cars.

It has a very high scratch removal feature.

It is high performance.

It is tear resistant and long lasting.

It is made for use with a polishing machine or rotary. Suitable for 170 and 180 cm interfaces.

How to Clean Car Buffing Pads?

After use, the pads are washed with 20 to 30 degrees of water and liquid soap. Foam well and rinse. Washing with solvent-derived chemicals is not recommended. It is recommended to be dried and stored in a nylon container. Additionally, it is not recommended to dry it with heaters such as oven, dryer, electric heater, and central heating.

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