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Engine Cleaning & Protection
Engine Cleaning & Protection

Engine Cleaning

What is Engine Cleaning, How Is It Done?

In the engine part of the car, dirt from dust accumulates over time. Residues such as oil and dirt in the engine affect the performance of the vehicle when it is not cleaned for a long time. Engine cleanliness, which is the most important part of the car, is of vital importance.

You can easily do engine cleaning with engine cleaning liquid.


How is Car Engine Protection Made?

We must protect the engine in order to ensure that the engine parts of the vehicle do not wear out over time and are free from effects such as dust, smoke, dirt and rust. Engine protection applications vary according to how often the vehicle is used. The most important part of the vehicle is the engine part. It is of vital importance not to neglect the engine maintenance for a safe driving. Protecting the engine is actually about cleaning it.

Dirt that forms and accumulates over time causes poor performance. With Divortex Engine Cleaning and Engine Protection, you will ensure the cleanliness and protection of the engine with the highest performance.



What are Engine Cleaning and Engine Protection Products?

In order to maintain the performance of the engine part, which is the most important part of the vehicle, the necessary cleaning must be done at regular intervals. Some of the engine cleaning and protection products and their features are listed below.


Divortex Full Clean Engine Cleaner;

 It is concentrated and used by diluting.

 It removes the oil and dirt of the engine without damaging the vehicle.

 It provides high performance in application.


Divortex Full Clean 2 Waterless Engine Cleaner;

 Concentrated with its special formula that does not require water.

 It provides very high performance in application.

 Thanks to its special components, it provides a protective layer on the metal surface.

 Should be used when the engine is cold.

 It is sprayed directly and waited for 7-8 minutes.


Divortex Mp2 Engine Polish and Protection;

 It helps to keep the engine part of the vehicle clean for months and protects the engine.

 It is a concentrated product.

 Provides long-term cleaning and shine after application.

 Thanks to its engine protection feature, it creates a protective layer without damaging the plastic and metal parts of the vehicle.

 It is a very high performance product.

 It is used after the vehicle engine is cleaned and dried.

 It is applied as a thin layer on the engine with the help of an air gun and left for 20 minutes.

 It is wiped one last time with the help of a sponge or cloth.

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