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Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth types, have become the most popular cloth of recent times with the effects of developing technology, are cleaning products with high hygiene guarantee obtained by mixing polyester and polyamide. It also becomes a great helper as it is suitable for use in all kinds of vehicles, homes and offices. In addition, these microfiber glass cleaning clothes, which have the capacity to clean all dirt and dust at once with their easy and comfortable use, contain specially designed pores. Since dirt and dust will be trapped by these pores, cleaning can be done effortlessly.

Divortex microfiber glass cleaning cloth has 10 times more suction power than other cloths and does not contain bacteria due to its feature. It can easily clean even invisible dust particles and does not harm the surfaces. It is ergonomic because it has high cleaning power even without detergent. These cloths are a cleaning product created as a result of bringing together and tightening very thin threads.

Therefore, it absorbs water to the maximum degree and does not leave water stains. Our Divortex microfiber cleaning cloths, which make it possible to clean many places in a short time; It contains many types such as glass cloth, car wash pad, paste and polish wipe, drying and polishing cloth. Our soft, delicate and lint-free microfiber cloths also stand out as they are suitable for all automotive paint types. There are a few points to consider when using microfiber cloth. The most essential of these is the way the cloth is folded. When using microfiber cloths, they must be folded into four and used as such. In order for all the mentioned features to become functional, attention should be paid to this usage. When used without being folded or wrinkled, they lose their properties and become unable to function properly. Moreover, if the cloth is used in a single layer, it may cause scratches in sensitive areas. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used both wet and dry. Rinsing before use and in the cleaning part of the cloth using only water will extend the life of the cloth. Bleach or fabric softener should not be used and should be stored after they are completely dry. Thanks to the Divortex microfiber cleaning cloths, you can safely clean the place you want.

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