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Tyre Shiner And Rim Cleaner
Tyre Shiner And Rim Cleaner

Tire Shine

It is an important detail that the tires and rims of the vehicle look well-groomed and bright, as well as the hood of the vehicle. Developed within these needs, Divortex polishing and rim cleaning products have the power formulated to easily remove pad marks, dust, oil and dirt particles that have occurred on both tires and rims.  Best Tire Shine

Thanks to the effective concentrated chemicals in its content, Divortex rim and tire cleaning products, which have the power to overcome all these problems with a single product without the need for extra support, will be among the indispensable options for car hairdressers individual uses.

Wheel Cleaning

These reliable products, which can be used on all steel alloy wheel types, will also minimize the formation of dirt and stains and will contribute to making the tires and wheels look as dazzling as they were on the first day. It is envisaged that these products, which are recommended to be diluted with water at the rate of ⅓ and applied by spraying to cover the entire rim, are then rinsed with pressurized water and dried. And also; with the privilege of Iron Dust Cleaner Red Storm, it helps to remove unwanted formations without damaging the rims with its acid-based effect on surfaces where tough rust and clay bar are ineffective. best wheel cleaning

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