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Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Car Washing Soaps And Wax
DVX Final Detailer Wax

From Turkey's Expert Manufacturer.

High Gloss And Repels Water!

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  • It is a unique wax for achieving high gloss that brings the brightness of the paint surface to the next level.
  • You can also use on glass and chrome parts.
  • It provides a wet and mirror-like surface, and is a unique product that cleans light-colored stains and water stains from the paint surface.
  • Final Detailer provides an ultra glossy and deep wet look on any paint.
  • You can use it by hand or machine for perfect results.
  • The product is prepared with durable UV blockers that protect the paint from harmful sun rays that can cause paint damage and fading over time.
  • Shake before use.
  •  Clean the surface before applying.
  • Spray a small amount of product directly on the surface or spread it on the surface with the help of the applicator pad to form a thin layer.
  • Then leave it to dry for 5 minutes.
  • For ultimate shine, wipe and buff the surface using a premium microfiber towel.

•         Keep the mouth of the packaging closed.

•         Keep away from children.

•         Do not use for cleaning hands, body, face, or food.

•         Store in a cool, dry place.

3 Year

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