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Polishing Compounds
Polishing Compounds
DVX All in One Single Step Compound Polish Paint Protection

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DVX All in One Single Step Compound Polish Paint Protection (DVX787)

  • DVX 787 has been specifically developed for the detailer professionals.
  • Does not contain silicone or fillers.
  • Removes polishing marks, micro scratches, and holograms in a short time with excellent performance.
  • Microfine removes light scratches and defects in the middle upper layer of the paint surface with its high purity aluminium oxide powder content.
  • It is an excellent wax polish for removing misting and holograms from previous paste applications.
  • Easily and effectively removes imperfections on the paint surface in a single step.
  • With its superior formulation, it is designed to provide the best results and easy application on traditional and scratch resistant paint surfaces.
  • Gives a deep and wet look while providing paint protection.
  • Can be applied with pads suitable for one-step pastes.
  • To achieve a perfectly glossy finish on fresh paint in one step, we recommend using medium or soft pads.
  • Can also be applied with rotary machines and double-acting orbital polishers.
  • Apply with diagonal movements.
  • Do not use on hot surfaces and protect the vehicle paint from extreme heat.
  • These instructions are only recommendations based on user experience and application methods.

•         Read the application instructions.

•         Do not use on hands, face, body, or food.

•         Keep the opening of the packaging closed.

•         Keep away from children.

•         In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

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