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Polishing Compounds
Polishing Compounds

Polishing Compound

Polishing compounds are needed to eliminate corrosion, deformation and scratches on the car body paint as a result of many factors. This application, which is done in a short time without harming the quality of the floor, provides optimum convenience both in making the body look brighter and in eliminating the abrasions.

DVX Single Step Wax 3-in-1 polishing compound and paint protection series also shows superior performance in removing the holograms and micro scratches on such body paint surfaces with aluminium oxide powder component. While its quality formulation easily eliminates defects, it also gives the paint an extra wet-looking shine. DVX Step 1 Extra Heavy Cut Compound is an initial step paste product. Car Care Products

It has a fast working potential that provides effectiveness in camouflaging scratches with heavy scratch remover and restoring the worn paint to its first day quality. It is an effective product that can be preferred for erasing holograms, removing sandpaper marks and making the body paint look smooth, deep and wet. Rubbing Compound

DVX Final Polishing Off Polishing Compound is a fine, light scratches and holograms remover; it is a second-step application product that removes more superficial deformations, streaks and leaves a glossy body paint surface. This paste, is a practical and effortless solution in order to wipe away sanding marks on body paint surface, has a high-performance capacity that can be applied to all car body paints. Scratch Remover

These applications improving the appearance of cars and adding value arise only from the combination of quality products with quality craftsmanship. Divortex is the right address for this business.

What is the Benefit of Polishing Compound Application?

The most common complaint of automobile users is the scratches occurred in accidents and some external factors on the car body paint. This situation troubles the vehicle owners. In the event of an accident or when buying and selling a vehicle, the most common method is to polish the cars with paste. Polishing Compound application camouflages the scratches on the car body paint, while at the same time it allows the vehicle to look more vivid and bright. Paste and Polish are different concepts, but today they have become an inseparable duo. What is the use of Polishing Compound Application? Paste is a sanding process, the scratches formed by the sanding process are brought to the same level. Different pastes can be used depending on the extent of the damage to the vehicle. The polishing application is a process that you must do to eliminate the side effects occurred after the sanding process. Rubbing Compound

How is Polishing Compound Application Made?

Car enthusiasts care about the exterior of their cars as much as they care about their performance. The most effective solution to vehicles experienced colour change, due to subject to sunlight over time and damage caused by environmental factors, is to apply polishing compound. So how to apply polishing compound?

  •  First of all, the area to be applied needs to be cleaned well and, if necessary, soaped and rubbed with clay dough again. Clay dough cleans up to the smallest pores.
  • Afterwards, the surface of the car is dried well and the paste material is applied to the damaged areas in a place where it does not receive sunlight.
  • Rest of the areas must be covered with a protection tape or newspaper.
  • Then, the paste process is started with the polishing machine and the process is applied through soft and circular movements with the polishing machine.
  • The places where paste application made should be wiped with the help of a cloth. After the cleaning process, the stains left on the surface by the hologram remover and the polishing machine must be removed with a clean cloth.

By putting on polish to the sponge, the Rubbing Compound is completed with a polishing machine as in the paste process.

After polishing, the car body paint surface needs to be cleaned again and then left to dry for a while in a place where there is no sunlight.

What Should Be Considered While Applying Paste and Polish?

A high-quality paste material can protect your car for up to several years. Before having paste and polish applied, you should definitely research well and get help from professionals who are skilled in this business. Rubbing Compound application is a process that requires professionalism. If the colour of your car is in dark tones, you should choose a thin paste, and if it is in light tones, you should choose a thick paste. In order to test the compatibility of the paste material on the vehicle beforehand, a piece of it can be tested. It is necessary to keep the polishing machine balanced and be careful not to tear the polishing base and cloth at the end. When the sponge on the tip is torn, scratches may occur on the vehicle.

How Often Should Paste and Polish Application Be Repeated?

How Often Should Paste and Polish Application Be Repeated? The life of this process varies depending on how often the vehicle is washed and the duration of sun exposure. The Rubbing Compound helps protect your vehicle from dust and makes it look brighter, and it can be applied every few months as it does not thin the paint.

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