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Polishing Compounds
Polishing Compounds
DVX Extra Heavy Cut Compound

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DVX Extra Heavy Cut Compound (DVX747)

  • DVX 747 is a very efficient, fast working, Scratch Remover paste that removes heavy scratches in a short time.
  • Does not contain silicone or fillers.
  • With its superior formulation, it is designed to provide the best results and easy application on traditional and scratch resistant paint surfaces.
  • While removing scratches from the surface, it also provides a shiny surface.
  • Formulated to eliminate P1000 sandpaper.
  • Fixes worn paint surfaces in one step.
  • It has high scratch-taking property and provides high gloss.
  • Step 1 is the Scratch Remover Paste polish.
  • Easily removes holograms and swirls from dark paint surfaces.
  • Provides a deeper view on the paint surface.
  • Works on fresh paints.
  • It is the perfect product for detailing professionals.
  • Car Scratch Remover can be applied with pads developed for removal.
  • We recommend using hard pads for more shine in just one step over fresh paint to achieve a perfect finish.
  • Can be used with a medium hard pad for a brighter result on used and worn surfaces.
  • The recommended application is with a Rotary machine.
  • Shake before using.
  • Apply with diagonal movements.
  • Do not use on hot surfaces and protect the vehicle paint from extreme heat.
  • You can achieve a perfect result by using DVX 777 paint protection for high gloss, shine and paint protection
  • Read the application instructions.
  • Do not use on hands, face, body, or food.
  • Keep the opening of the packaging closed.
  • Keep away from children.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

How to Use Car Scratch Remover Products?

One of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners is scratches on the car as a result of accidents or different external factors. Paints used in vehicles can be damaged very quickly. One of the most common problems is the mishaps that occur during parking. The scratches that occur should be closed in a short time. Deep Scratches on the vehicle reduce the value of the vehicle both in terms of appearance and when selling the vehicle. Scratches that are not dealt in time may deepen over time and become permanent. Paste and polish method are used for scratches. This method, is applied in a short time, helps both to eliminate scratches and to make the vehicle look brighter. Some of the products used in vehicle scratches are;

Divortex Paint Protection Polish: Provides long-term high protection and high gloss in paints with its paint protective feature.

Divortex 3-in-1 Paste Polish Paint Protection: It gives excellent results in a short time with high performance for micro scratches and blemishes. It removes the mist left from the paste application and easily removes the imperfections on the paint surface in a single step.

Divortex Extra Scratch Remover Paste: Very efficient, fast application and professional results in removing heavy scratches in a short time. It also provides shine while removing scratches on the car body paint. It is also suitable for use in fresh paints and has a high scratch removal feature.

Divortex Moiré Remover and Fine Scratch Remover Paste: It is used in the paints of all vehicles and even removes sponge brush marks.

How to fix a car scratch?

Car paints get damaged very quickly. It is possible to remove the scratches caused by the problems arising from parking or external factors. You can use deep scratch remover products for car scratches.

Do Paste and Polish Applications remove scratches?

The paste and polish application are often preferred to make a vehicle look brighter and to remove the scratches. Paste and polish applications remove scratches on the car and at the same time gives shine.

Do Paste and Polish reduce value?

Paste and Polish, are an extremely simple process, allows the car to look brighter and newer when applied by professionals. Paste and polish applications do not reduce the value of the car.

How long is Paste & Polish life?

Although paste and polish are different concepts, they are inseparable today. While the paste removes the deep scratches, the polish gives shine. The life of the polishing process is 1 month, the life of the paste process is 1 year.

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