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Divortex Marin

Divortex Marin

               Oceans, Seas and All Freshwater Bodies; are not only a water mass, they are also life source of humanity, source of food, where people breathe. Our seas contain rich life that need to be protected.

Why should we protect seas:

  • 71% of our world consists of water sea, lake, as river. To protect ecology of nature, suitable conditions for life, first of all healthy structure of this %71 must be protected. Because, pollution in this environment will affect effects air and land layers eventually.
  • 1 cm3 petroleum uses 40 m3 sea water' oxygen and damages life.
  • 1-ton petroleum waste creates a big cover that prevents air-water oxygen transfer by spreading 25.000 km2 area on sea.
  • Mixing several chemicals and poisoned waste those are more dangerous than petroleum into sea may cause worst results.



One of the biggest reasons of sea pollution is made by vessels.

Turkey combines 2 international seas with 2 bosporus as it is surrounded on three sides by the sea. There is a very dense national and global sea traffic on these seas. It causes some results such as ships pour bilge and ballast wastes to seas in normal operations, ships pour dangerous wastes and substances which they carry in legal or illegal ways, spreading petrolium and other harmful substances to sea in case of accident.  Watercraft pollutions are grouped under 5 categories.

  1. Petroleum and petroleum products
  2. Poisoned liquids
  3. Packaged Substances
  4. Waste waters
  5. Wastes.

Pollution occurred during loading and discharging activities leaning is one of the major pollution subjects also. Especially, wastes occured during washing of petrol tanks causes serious problems.

Pouring bilge water into sea, pouring foul water and throwing waste and garbages into sea, pouring ballast water to sea, pollution arising from ships' gaz_free operations, fuel delivery of ships and crude oil and petroleum products, ships caryying LNG or LPG and chemical loads cause significant pollution in our Bosporus, in addition to this it endangers safety of life and property.



For protecting our seas;

To protect what we have, to naturalize what has been polluted must be our priorities. Seas are inherited from our ancestors and they are most valuable thing that we will leave to new generations as our own inheritance. Whether we are amateur or professional seamen, wee need to make an effort to protect sea and marine species and keeping seas clean. Because there is life in sea! We should protect this life and live it.



               As Divortex Marin manufacturer of "New Generation Mariene Chemicals"; we have manufactured "Caustic and Solvent free", "Eco-friendly" products to contribute protecting of seas. We offer our wide product range to service of amateurs and professionals for cleaning and care of vessels which is one of the reasons of marine pollution. All quality certificates of our products are available and can be seen in our institutional page or related product's page.


Following products are offered at service of you, marine professionals and amateurs.


CHROME CLEANER & POLISH     CHROME POLISHER:It is used in polishing chrome materials in yachts and ships. It is a superior cleaning material that provides an excellent view for your equipment with its maximum protection feature. It can be used safely in cleaning of all chrome and nickel-covered metal surfaces.  It cleans smear, smut, dust, tar, tarnishes, marine salt and oil stains etc. exactly and without damaging surface. It provides extra protection for marine materials. It creates a bright and clean surface in chrome and nickel plating surfaces by providing intense protection against UV light arising from sunlight. It is an efficient sollution with non-ioinc surface active and organic substances in chrome polishing.


INFLATABLE BOAT CLEANER (ZODIAC) & FENDER CLEANER:  It is a chemical that is used in ferders and dinghies to purify and degrease. It is an efficient material in dinghy and ferder cleaning with its non-ionic surface active and organic substances.


BILGE CLEANER:This chemical is used to purify dirts in bilge parts. It dissolves oil and dirts in water thank to its organic and inorganic substances. Then bilge is pressed to slop tank.  It contains protective.  It does not damage the environment.



SLUDGE REMOVER:  It is only product that does not contains caustic, phosphate, acid, and is sensitive for human and environmental health and also %100 water-based. It helps to clean grease, exhaust black, tar, soot on bilge. It finishes cleaning fueloil and sladge remnants which are cleaned very hard in a short time in two steps with solver and pressurized rinsing without using heat-treat. It is an important sollution for solid remnants at tank deep, when enough clean sladges are poured into tank, it makes pressing sludge and deposit with pump at deep easier by diluting. If deposit and sludge will be used again, it can be separated from sludge when it is waited manual or seperated thorugh seperator and remnant can be used again.


TEAK CLEANER CLEANING POWDER:  This chemical is used to clean dirtiness and grey colour occuring on teak tree and make it regain its natural golden yellow colour.


MARIN CLEANER: It is a multipurpose concentrated yacht maintenance product providing a safe and real cleaning. It provides an excellent cleaning without brush and sponge out cleaning of ships, removes mold and fungai, grease, diesel, oil and blood stains, old polish and tar remnants, ink, soot, dry oil, goudron, tea, coffee, coloured pen, mustard, ketchup, grass stain, glue and gum etc. easily. It provides saving up time, water and electric consumption as it reduces boat's classic washing method to a single stage.  It can be used securely in closed area as it does not contain volatile solvent. It does not cause paint's corosion due to no brush and sponge and it provides it to remain its original view long years. It delays contamination due to its water repellent feature. Its chemical components are biosoluble over %90. It does not damage environment, human health and using surfaces.


ANTIFOULING PAINT REMOVER AND POISONOUS PAINT REMOVER:  It is a %100 water-based product that its antifouling paints that are painted to poliester, wood, epoxy and steel boat's bottom parts that cleans them without damaging boat's basic structure, environment and human health in a short time. Antifouling paint cleaning that is made with its emulsifier agents and surface active substances is chemical.  It prevents harmful and costly processes.


MARIN CLEANER POWDER AND YATCH GENERAL:  It is used in out cleaning of boats. It provides an excellent cleaning out cleaning of boats without brush or sponge. It polishes the boat due to its special polish and the boat does not hold water due to its water-repellent feature and so it delays boat to be polluted.


HEAVY DUTY CLEANER & DEGREASER HEAVY DIRT AND OIL REMOVER:  It is a chemical that is used for cleaning very heavy duty and oils. Thanks to its organic and non-ionic surface active materials, it is a solution partner for heavy oils. It dissolves in water easily and quickly. Heavy degreaser products are used especially in industrial businesses or for cleaning oils poured from machines or pouring by accident.  Heavy degreaser is very strong, it is only used in grounds and automatical machines.


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