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Our Values;

•             Our Customers; our company partners, 

Creating value for our customers, to respond their requests with stability and quality are our priorities.  Owing our products, supporting the pre-sales and delivering post-sale services are considered as priority as Divortex.

•             Our employees, our biggest capital and our human resources.

The quality of our products starts with the quality of our employees.  To take maximum advantage from the ability, power and creativity of our employees, to increase their efficiency and competence, to give opportunity for developments and to create an environment of cooperation and solidarity, to provide work opportunities  

which pluralistic and democratic understanding, is the way we choose in order to ensure the long-term success of the Divortex.

•             Openness and Honestly, outstanding work ethic and to comply with the principles of honest work and respect are our philosophy of business and they are all indispensable.

  To act in line with fair “win-win” principle and good will and to work regulations and moral rules, are our basic principles.   


The act with enviromental awareness and spread this awareness for our society is our mission.

Creating resources;  Our goal is to create resources for continuous improvement.

To carry out the necessary investments to ensure continuity of service, to raise funds from operations and to provide all rational resources are our main principles.

Creativity;  In advance, anticipating customer needs, we produce recipes to meet them.

Investors, our biggest investors are those who put their labour before capital.  We meet their expectations.

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