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Who is Setkim Chemical and Its History

Setkim Kimya Co. Ltd. (Divortex) has been established with % 100 domestic capital in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs to resolve the missing professional and scientific production in sector where all related products have been imported because of the lack of corporate companies about auto maintenance and cleaning.  The company has been the first company that produces ‘Brushless Foaming Wash’ products in Turkey since it was founded.

    Although the company firstly entered the market as the producer of car care and cleaning chemicals, after a while it also began producing general industrial cleaning products.  Since the beginning of 2015, it has also started with Marin (Yacht-boat) maintenance chemicals production and sales with horizontal growth, in this regard it has offered a wide range of products to the professional services sector.  However, as of 2015, ıt has started production and sales of carpet cleaning and maintenance chemicals by making R&D activities which is a fast growing sector but where technical capacity and quality are not in line with its speed of development.

Setkim Chemical, since the day of establishment, took place among the companies that perform sustainable growth via revealed stable and innovative, superior quality product range which supply with the professionals in three different cleaning and caring sector.

Setkim Chemical which has increasing experience over the years, its expert staff, by taking R&D and know-how support from related disciplines in universities, continuing to offer innovative products in the sector without interrupting its work, contributes to the development and industrialization of our country with reasonable effort to manufacture products which had been previously imported.

It clearly remains as market leader for years in the corporate sector with products which are innovative and high performance in Turkey as solution partner to the largest corporations of the Turkish automotive industry.  About over 5 million vehicles per month in brushless foamy wash market in all Turkey are cleaned with ‘Divortex Car Care’ and ‘Vortex Car Care’ products which have high quality and performance.

We continue to serve abroad as a preferred partner in the world’s different regions in addition to Turkey, delivering the ‘Made in Türkiye’ quality in the Europe, Middle East and the Russian market.

As Setkim Chemical, by targeting innovation, measurability and sustainable growth, we undertake our manufacture process with high-quality service by TSE, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, Rosch and Reach certificates.

Setkim Chemical is under ‘Divortex master brand’:


·       Divortex Car Care :Car Care and Cleaning Chemicals,

·       Divortex Marin :Marine Yacth&Boat Care and Cleaning Chemicals,

·       Divortex Industrial Cleaning: Industrial General Cleaning Chemicals,

·       Ekinoks: Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals,

·       Vortex Car Care :Car Care and Cleaning Chemicals’ 


We do not only undertake manufacturing, marketing inside Turkey, sales and distribution but also export our products to several countries.

Setkim Chemical has initiated restructuring since the beginning of 2016.  Following the staff re-organization, in step 1 was renewed logo, product labels, further renewing product packaging to enhance the corporate identity, to suit its dynamic structure and developing world trend, purchasing preferences and sales channel.  There is cooperation with professional producer about product advertising, presentation and promotion, graphic designer, social media and professionals of internet.  Production facility has been modernized and also E-commerce sales has been one of the company’s sales distribution channels. 

As Setkim Chemical, as our growth targets, we aim to strengthen our dealer network in Turkey, we continue our work to establish Professional Car Care & Protection Implementation Centres, in order to share the experiences of consumers who use the products we have manufactured and in 2016 the first Divortex Car Care Academy will be in service in İstanbul.



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