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Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Car Washing Soaps And Wax
Divortex Car Wash V2 Red Light Brushless Colored Washing Soap

From Turkey's Expert Manufacturer.

It's Have Reach and Rosh


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Brushless, Red Color Foam Producing Car Wash Fluid.
Concentrated product.
Foam controlled.
Contains NaOH cleaner
Can be used at any water temperature.
The active ingredients are biodegradable.
Suitable for all types of vehicles and paints.

Do not use in pure form.
After thoroughly cleaning the foam tank, add 1 liter of car wash liquid to the 60 liter tube.
Compatible with different volume, chamber foam machines. It can also be used with 1/60 mixing ratio in this type of machines.
The use of tap water is recommended.

Keep away from childeren.

Keep container closed.

After opening,2 years.

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