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Polishing Compounds
Polishing Compounds
DVX Paint Guardian Wax - Paint Protection & Wax

High Quality With Best Price!

From Turkey's Expert Manufacturer!

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You must read the instructions for use.

Do not use on hand, face, body and food stu­s.

Keep the opening of the package closed.

Keep away from children.

Wash with plenty of water in case of eye contact.

DVX737 Paint Protector is a particularly e­ective, unique and easy to apply paint protection.

Montan Wax.

It provides long lasting sealant.

Natural carnauba wax and high-end synthetic components will permanently protect the paint against environmental influences, bright and mirror-like gloss.

It gives deep and wet looking.

The easy handling of the wax will convince you.

Protects the vehicle’s value.

In case of severe scratched paintwork, we recommend the use of a Cutting Compounds (DVX 747 or DVX 757) prior to the application of paint protector.

Generally we advise to process Paint Protector by hand using our soft, black application hand pad.

Distribute the wax evenly and in a circular motion on the paint surface, let it dry and wipe o­n the residue with our seamless blue finishing & polishingh cloth.

Paint protector can also be applied by machine using an orbital or rotary polisher and the soft or extra soft black polishing pad.

Shake well before use.

Do not use on hot surfaces and protect car body paint against excessive hot.

These instructions are only recommendations that are depend on user experience and application methods.

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