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Practical Information About Carpet Cleaning?

Necessary Practical Information about Carpet Cleaning:

                Carpet is one of the most widely used household goods because it is pressed on, walked on, eaten on and thus it is one of the fastest contaminated household good due to dust, stains, moisture many external factors.     Its hand wash is difficult as it is textile, washing with machine is also impossible due to its size. In particular, hand-washing facilities is not too much out in city life. Drying is also difficult after washing, it is almost impossible to undertake inside the house. Carpets are our favourite and necessary home accessories.  When they are not clean enough, we lose our moods. It is no good for them to remain dirty for a long time both in terms of hygiene and health as well as visual satisfaction.  Especially if you have kids and babies at home. 


  • Removal of stain: 


  • In terms of removing stains, there are things we can do in home/office first.  Other than that, if we cannot remove of stain completely, we must always keep at hand the phone of a carpet cleaning professional which we rely on its products and craftsmanship. Because silk and the precious handmade carpets need to very rapid response in such plaques.  Unfortunately, incorrect or late intervention will make a permanent stain on the carpet.


  • When removing stains, it shouldn’t be wet with much watered intervention.  This will cause passing through the stain to the back and spread wider areas.


  • If there are problems with oily stains on the carpet, you need to apply a special process with solvents to solve this situation.  But you should be careful at this point, if the contents of your carpet are woven vinyl, you shouldn’t use ammonia-based cleaners and stain removers on your carpets.


  • Especially, you will need to act very quickly against spacer stain dirt on your carpet.  Because professional carpet cleaners will not be able to do much against the belated intervention stains.  You can protect your carpet from the threat of permanent stains in intervention with fast, relevant, and accurate stain solvents.  So keeping a stain remover will be an effective solution against this style the local pollution in your home.


  • When something of stain-maker is poured onto your carpet, immediately absorb excess liquid on the carpet with colourfast dry absorbent towels, napkins and cloth. Never rub your carpet with cloth or towel during this process.  This causes spreading of the stain more space.  Absorb liquid on your carpet till completely absorbed then apply suitable stain removal method in competence with the type of stain.


  • We can use materials such as sharp knife, metal or spatula for removing the oil and food stains.  Then we can remove stain in the appropriate manner and method of intervention due to type of stain.


  • One of the most important issues after removing the stain is its being dried quickly.   Dry thoroughly by means of fan or hair dryer in winter well-heated a humid environment, in summer a well-ventilated environment. Drying your carpet on radiator will leave trace of fly ashes on your carpet.   Trying to drying it out in damp weather causes more moistening of your carpet.  It should not be walked on when the carpet is wet. 


  • Test on absolute unseen part of the carpet before you start cleaning the carpet with stains.
    Apply for oily stains after diluting with cold water in the same amount of the dry cleaning fluid.
  • Carpets used inside and outside
  • Carpets which are used in school, apartment entrance, stairs, pool surrounding inside and outside are resistant to rot, mildew and dirt.  Under the carpets are covered with foam since they have less weaved texture. 
  • If the carpet which is stained or dirty is dusty, sandy, carpet is swept with vacuum cleaner before the cleaning process starts.


  • Carpet cleaning done regularly will extend the life of the carpet and makes it look lot better.  The carpet which is felt is dried before walking.  Wet seals carpet surface can wear very quickly thanks to rubber soled shoes.
  • Issues to be considered While cleaning your carpets;
    • While the carpet cleaning, it should not soak the carpet due to can create a bad smell, if your carpet gets over wet, it will also delay the drying.   The carpets must be dried completely and quickly when cleaning or any operation is performed in an appropriate environment.
    • We must take care instructions from the manufacturer and wash according to the proposal before starting the carpet cleaning.   We must be careful to preferred chemical cleaners not to change the colour and the surface of the carpet not to have to be careful to change the colour and surface and trying a small portion of the carpet before using the product.
    • Every day cleaned carpets with a vacuum cleaner, prevents the formation of dust and debris, it prevents the entry of dust and debris of crushed into the carpet. Every day sweeping delays the contamination of your carpet. 
    • Chemicals which you use in carpet cleaning play an important role on colour and wear of your carpet.     Therefore, whether you want to wash or washed a carpet cleaning professional, brand of detergent to clean your carpet is very important. "Equinox Carpet Shampoo" is the product which has been specially formulated for carpet cleaning and stain removal.  You can safely use.
    • Carpets frequently used have to be cleared in every 3-6 months, carpets less-------- used have to be cleared in every 9- 12 for health, sanitation, appearance and hygiene with suitable detergent.  The carpets of the houses in which pets live must be washed 2 times per year.
    • You must wait for your carpet to dry thoroughly after the cleaning is completed.  Drying with air after the carpets are cleaned, may prevent wet smell.
  • Main Issues on Our Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Stain
  • Question:  Does our carpet quickly get dirty after being washed and cleaned?

Cleaning undertaken by you or cleaning professionals with low cost materials or poor quality of craftsmanship, will get dirty in short time since they have not already cleaned properly. Not washing with two-stage procedure with appropriate brush and pressurized hot water again, then not making PH balanced rinse to be followed by vacuuming will cause rapid pollution of your carpet.For this, you need to prefer companies that serve proper and ethic products which you have confidence their brand and quality."Equinox Carpet Shampoo" is professional in its area.

  • Question: How should we undertake the care of a new carpet?

These should be followed for protection of a new carpet.

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Cleaning spilled liquid instantly
  • Periodically making a professional carpet cleaning
  • Question: Is Carpet Cleaning important for allergic and prognostic health issues?

 In particular, the carpet cleaning is very important for the site showing allergic reactions, patients with asthma and bronchitis.Allergens to eliminate all substances and pollution, making hygiene of carpets allows us to breathe better. Carpets of which cleaning have not been undertaken properly, will cause reproduction of bacteria and it will pose a threat to the health of our and our beloved ones.


  • Question: How the carpet is dried?

Carpets that are not dried properly are again faced with dirt quicker this time and will start producing bacteria and germs.Local wetness and cleaning can be dried with a hair dryer.The carpet material, type, and factors such as the relative humidity in your home determine drying duration.  A period of time from 3 hours to 3 days will allow the carpet to dry completely.  Surely they should be dried quickly in a dry environment, we must not allow them to be more humid.  If not properly dried carpets are used again, moisture and musty odor will spread home.


  • Question: How frequent are carpets washed?

 Frequently used carpets (carpets much pedestrian traffic) should be washed in every 3-6 months, less-used carpets should be washed in every 9-12 months with suitable detergent for the purpose of health, sanitation, appearance and hygiene. Professional carpet cleaning companies will wash your carpets in optimal conditions, and they dry quickly.The houses in which pets live must be washed 2 times per year. Washed carpet must always be ventilated.


  • Question: Does the use of cleaning products lead shrinking of carpets? 

In old carpets with material called jute is located under, this problem occurs.   In the new generation and hand-made carpets, this problem does not occur unless right chemicals used.


  • Question: Does water damage carpet?

Not water, but unconscious and non-expert persons and poor quality detergent give damage.Any problem doesn’t occur on your carpets results of rinsing and vacuuming with a suitable pH in water.  


  • Question: Persistent stains removed by chafe

No, trying to remove the stain by rubbing is causing more spread, go to the back of the stain, go to the more bottom of the pile and lint.The stains should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth using a gentle touch after the excess liquid with the appropriate stain remover impregnated with an absorbent paper towel.

  • Question: Should service from professional Cleaning be taken?

Much as you have a household carpet washing machine with appropriate detergent and stain remover for carpets and you regularly attract dust from the carpet, there are benefits to washed deeply to your carpet with professional carpet cleaning machines periodically.Merely, pay attention to materials used by the carpet cleaning professionals.You can wash safety on your carpets with "Equinox Carpet Shampoo".

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